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About INDI

Jennifer Feighan

Founded in 1958, the Irish Nutrition & Dietetic Institute (INDI) is the professional organisation for dietitians in Ireland representing almost 800 Dietitians and Student Dietitians nationwide. The INDI sets national standards for undergraduate dietetic programmes, dietetic placements, and graduate degree practice programmes.

The INDI is committed to both shaping change and responding to the changing needs of the public and our members. We see the potential for a healthier Ireland, with our organisation and its members taking a leading role in advising Government and non-governmental agencies, other health professionals and individuals on matters relating to food and nutrition policy and practice.

We WORK WITH policy makers, health and social care professionals, the public and individual patients, families and carers to inform them on nutrition and diet in relation to both health and disease, in a way they can understand and apply.

We ADVOCATE for adequate resources to deliver quality services for those who need nutritional advice, care, support or treatment, ensuring our members are accessible to all who need them.

We work to INFLUENCE and SHAPE policy and legislation to ensure that nutritional health is protected, facilitated or improved across age groups and care settings.

We SUPPORT and USE RESEARCH to answer important questions about the nation’s nutritional health and identify the most effective strategies for treating those with nutritional problems. This is essential to underpin the advice our members give and the recommendations we make.

We INVEST in the future of the profession by promoting universal recognition of our members as the most trustworthy source of evidence-based advice, information or support on nutrition and dietary matters.

We EMPOWER our members to achieve their full potential within their chosen career paths, providing opportunities for acquiring the skills needed for continued progression and personal growth.

We PROVIDE nutrition education, training and resources directly to the public and other health and social care professionals.  These areas of activities will be expanded in the future to extend our reach, develop opportunities for our members to work and equip others with the knowledge and tools to play a role in delivering our vision.


The INDI is a membership organisation and the vast majority of its revenue comes from membership activities.  We also receive funding from the HSE to support the Education and Continued Professional Development (CPD) of our members. We work with the National Health and Social Care Professionals Office within the HSE to maximise the potential of all HSCPs and achieve the greatest impact for the design, planning, management and delivery of people centred, integrated care.

Commercial Relationships

The INDI adheres to the CORU ethical framework and our own code of practice which goes beyond this.  We work with the Medical Nutrition companies who employ and provide evidence-based education for our members and who operate according to this guidance. Using National Health Eating Guidelines as our standard we do not have relationships with companies who manufacture products that are high in salt, sugar and fat.

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