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How can a Dietitian help you?

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Where do Dietitians work?

Dietitians work in the Health Services Executive (HSE), private practice, consultancy, industry, education, research, sport, media, public relations, publishing, government and Non- Government Organisations (NGOs). Dietitians advise and influence food and health policy across the spectrum from government, to local communities and individuals. 

In the Clinical Setting

Dietitians in clinical practice work with healthy and sick people in a variety of settings in the both public and private community and acute settings. They work in HSE, voluntary hospitals, regional, local and private hospitals. In the community they work in primary care centres, voluntary organisations (e.g. Diabetes Federation of Ireland), and in private practice. Dietitians are the only professionals who can be employed by the HSE.

Public Health Settings

Dietitians work the Department of Health, in government agencies such as the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the Health & Well being Directorate of the HSE, Non- Government Organisations (NGOs) such as the Irish Heart Foundation and in consultancy.

In research

Strong scientific and clinical evidence underpins the work of Dietitians. Some Dietitians undertake nutrition and dietetics research within the university setting while others do so within their work setting; this can be in a hospital, community or government agency.  Many are awarded masters or doctoral degrees and their research is published in nutrition, scientific and medical journals.

What type of nutrition services do they offer?

In the clinical setting, Dietitians: 

In the Public Health Setting, Dietitians:

In Research, Dietitians:



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