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The INDI & IFAN have recently been contacted by Ms. Regina Regan, a research scientist in the area of medical genetics, to highlight her concerns about a company which offers genetic tests for food intolerances.  The company is called Adison Lab Genetics and is registered in Carpenterstown Dublin 15 under the name of Neotecmedical Ltd.

Adison Lab Genetics retail home buccal swab test kits through discount websites such as GrabOne and DealRush.  The company claim to test 600 foods to identify intolerances which could cause digestive, dermatological, neurological and psychological problems.

Ms. Regan has expressed that it is not possible, as yet, to detect for food intolerances by genetic analysis and Adison Lab Genetics have failed to provide any scientific evidence to support such tests.

The published an article (click here for link to article) on 8th June 2015 to draw attention to the matter and investigations are currently being conducted by Ireland’s Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA).

The HPRA have stated that “as with all self-test products, consumers might use these in isolation without the advice of a doctor and consequently make an inappropriate decision in relation to their diet and health”.  The organisation has asked consumers to contact them directly if they have complaints in relation to food intolerances tests, especially if they relate to harm, safety concerns or poor performance (phone 01- 6764971 or email

Written by:  Ellen Roche MINDI   Nutri Vive, No 49 John St, Kilkenny. article URL:

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