Message of Hope on World Cancer Day

WCD Logo 4c 2012Cancer can be prevented - Irish Cancer Society delivers message of hope on World Cancer Day.

The Irish Cancer Society has said that even in the face of rising cancer incidence, it is possible for everyone to reduce their cancer risk by adopting a healthy lifestyle and for cancer survivors to cut their risk of a recurrence. “For many there is a sense that they have no control over their cancer risk,” says John McCormack, CEO of the Irish Cancer Society. “This is a myth. In fact, specific inherited genes only cause about 5-10% of all cancers.  For the vast majority of us, the risk of getting cancer can be reduced by changes in our lifestyle.  Cutting smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink and maintaining a healthy weight are key to cancer prevention.”

Being mindful of the types of foods you eat is just one of the things you can do to reduce your risk of developing cancer.  The INDI Cancer Prevention Fact Sheet goes through the Top Tips for Preventing Cancer.,-allergies-and-medical-conditions/cancer/392-cancer-prevention-fact-sheet.html

You have the power to reduce your cancer risk by one-third by eating a healthy diet, being physically active and being a healthy weight. This 3-step guide will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle that will not only reduce your risk of cancer, but leave you feeling great and with more energy.,-allergies-and-medical-conditions/cancer/376-irish-cancer-society-reduce-your-risk-of-cancer-by-taking-three-positive-steps.html

Little steps can make big differences to your health. Start making changes today.