Important Notice regarding Hospital Guidelines

INDI members provide nutrition and dietetic services and work in hospitals, the community, industry, private practice, academia and research settings. Collectively we adhere to the highest medical, ethical and best practice procedures that are entirely formed on up to date, evidence based knowledge pathways.

Against this backdrop we are concerned following recent comments made by Dr Eva Orsmond where she publicly stated that current guidelines in hospitals were old and outdated (Ray D'arcy Show, Today FM, Tuesday 8th January 2014 and on The Saturday Night Show, 4th January 2014). Dr Orsmond stated that "a lot of the guidelines used by Dietitians are old and outdated and that Dietitians have to follow them or they will get kicked out of their positions". These statements are completely inaccurate and should not cause unnecessary unease and concern amongst patients.

Dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual level. Dietitians are the only nutritional professionals that can be employed by the HSE. We interpret and apply the science of nutrition and dietetics to improve health and treat diseases and conditions by educating and sharing practical advice with clients, patients, carers and colleagues.

Dietitians are also the only nutrition professionals to be regulated under Statutory Registration (CORU which is the national body responsible for the regulation of health and social care professions under the Health and Social Care Professional's Act 2005, in Ireland). We are also required to undertake continuous professional development, facilitating them to keep up to date with current evidence that affects their practice. We are insured to practice and they are the only nutrition professionals that can be employed by the HSE.

INDI members develop nutrition care plans based on up to date international best practice and scientific guidelines. These plans are aimed at focusing Dietitians on the setting of nutrition goals and the process of achieving same.  As an organisation we are constantly offering our members access to global best practice methodologies and including Practice Evidence Nutrition (PEN), the Global Resource for Nutrition Practice. PEN is a dynamic knowledge translation subscription service developed by Dietitians of Canada with input from thought leaders in dietetic practice, knowledge translation and technology.

As a nation that faces very serious and ever increasing health issues, of which a healthy diet and proper nutrition play an integral part, we fervently believe that this type of negative and inaccurate commentary is unhelpful to patients and the wider general public. We are as health professionals committed supposed to helping the public and patients make the best choices for themselves based on the correct medical nutrition advice.


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