Happy & Healthy Christmas

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When it comes to Christmas, most of us expect to gain at least a few extra pounds and we know we'll shed them in the New Year, but for those seriously trying to lose weight Christmas can be a trying time. Every party leads you into temptation and even at home there are plenty of pitfalls. On Christmas day people can eat and drink their way through up to 6000 calories!! That's up to three times what we need in an average day so we've put together some tips to help you through the festive season.

Don't starve yourself

Over Christmas it's better to aim to keep weight steady than to try to actively lose it. There is nothing like avoiding every bit of party food to bring on the urge to give up the whole diet and splurge. Have a little of what you fancy. Pick one or two parties over Christmas where you can indulge - but keep it to just one or two - and remember Christmas day counts as one!

Choose wisely

Between work and family many of us have more than one party to go to and at this time of year the food tends towards the high fat and stodgy or the sugary and sweet. Usually there is a buffet or savoury snacks. Start by having some of the lower calorie options - salads, fruit and bread before you head for the sausage rolls and mince pies. This will take the edge off your appetite and means you will be able to stop at one or two cocktail sausages instead of having seven or eight. 

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