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Are you pregnant or planning a pregancy?

953 pregnant lgDuring pregnancy your unborn baby gets all their nutrients from you. Healthy food choices before, during and after pregnancy help:
 - you stay healthy and well;


 - your baby grow healthy and strong.

If you are planning a pregnancy, good diet and a healthy lifestyle will help your body prepare for the pregnancy and give your baby a good start. Healthy eating during pregnancy may also protect your baby against diseases in later life.

During pregnancy you need extra energy and nutrients. You do not need to eat for two, but you will need to eat regular meals with a variety of foods. What you eat is as important as how much you eat.

This booklet gives you general information on healthy eating during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor or midwife if you have
any medical conditions, such as diabetes, or if you follow a special diet or have had a baby recently. You may also need to talk to a dietitian.

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