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All of the documents and resources you will need are now live in the members only section of this website and we encourage you to embrace the Nutrition Care Process (NCP).  
This is a major change initiative that was started by INDI in 2014. Reading the attached document here 
will give you the background to this process.
We now need you, the members of INDI, to implement the first step of NCP; to change how you undertake and document the nutritional assessment of your patients and clients and to become NCP compliant.  This requires some time to plan and implement, but testimonials indicate that Dietitians who have engaged in this process have embedded the changes into their practice, providing us with the positive feedback below.


From a new Dietitian at the Mater:
“I find the NCP very easy to use and helps
keep good structure to information gathered.

NCP also helps when you have to read another person’s
card as you know where the information is”.



From AMNCH ( not a pilot site ):
“We introduced NCP over a year ago now, essentially
just following the information provided by the working group.
 It was actually a lot easier than anticipated,
across both adult and paediatric services”.


Under the direction of both the Nutrition Care Process Steering Group and the Education Steering Committee, the INDI has set its members the following goal:


To implement the Nutrition Assessment Step of the
Nutrition Care Process into clinical practice in 2017.  


Please put this project on your PDP and next staff meeting agenda so that you can discuss and plan for your implementation of the NCP into your work.  The attached document and resources on the INDI website will provide you with the information you need.
We wish you well in this quality improvement initiative.


All of the documents can be found here



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