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Weight Management and Travel

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Gaining weight while “on the go” or travelling can be a big issue for many. Travel can cause disruption to routine and make healthy habits hard to maintain. When hunger strikes, eating “on the go” can mean you are more likely to choose unhealthier meals and snacks, which can be high in calories, sugar, fat and salt. The best way to ensure you are not caught off guard is to be prepared. Preparation allows you to remain in control, and not reliant on unhealthy food choices.

Planning Ahead

You should avoid waiting until you are hungry to decide what you will eat. Thinking ahead for each meal means you are less like to opt for high calorie convenience foods.


Long commutes to, from or during work can mean that sit-down meals are replaced by unhealthy foods on the go. It also means that you are constantly exposed to food options while passing shops, cafés, fast food restaurants and petrol stations. When we get too hungry, we are more likely to overeat or choose unhealthy options. Reduce the chance of this happening with the following tips:

Bus and Train

Boredom may strike when travelling by bus or train. This can make you more vulnerable to snacking on unhealthy foods, just to pass the time.


Frequent flyers will know all too well that travelling by plane can involve a lot of waiting around. It’s likely that you will have to eat some of your meals on board the airplane or in the airport. Reduce unhealthy eating by:


Top Tips!

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