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Eat Right for a Winning Smile

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Watching what you eat and drink, as well as good oral hygiene is important in keeping your teeth looking good and making sure you have a winning smile! Follow the advice below to keep your pearly-whites white!

Laying the Foundations

When it comes to laying the foundations for healthy teeth, calcium and vitamin D are a nutrient double-act that's hard to beat! Calcium provides the foundation for strong, healthy teeth while vitamin D makes sure our body absorbs calcium from the food we eat.


Vitamin D


Check out our advice on bone health in Nutrition and You supported by the National Dairy Council to get lots more information about calcium and vitamin D;

Keeping your Teeth Healthy

Dental problems are caused by either tooth erosion or tooth decay. Tooth erosion is caused by having acidic foods or drinks. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth acts on the sugars in our food to produce acid. This acid attacks our teeth. Each time we eat or drink, acid levels in the mouth rise, increasing the risk of damage to teeth. In other words, constant snacking or 'grazing' on food throughout the day can be damaging. To minimise dental problems, it is best to limit these 'acid attacks' to about 6 times per day.


Tooth-friendly Drinks


Tooth-unfriendly drinks

Food and Drinks that Stain





                        TOP TIP!

Visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy. Check out www.dentalhealth.ie for more information on keeping teeth healthy!

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