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Food Safety and Hygeine During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, women are more likely to suffer from food poisoning which may also affect the baby. Foodborne illnesses can be difficult to treat, so it is important to always practise good food hygiene.

Tips for food safety and hygiene

When buying food

When storing food

When preparing food

Food and drinks to avoid during pregnancy

As well as practising good food safety, there are some foods you should avoid during pregnancy because they may cause food poisoning.

Raw or lightly-cooked eggs and foods that contain them

Unpasteurised milk and dairy products

Raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish and shellfish

Other foods to avoid

Shark, swordfish and marlin

Excess vitamin A and liver



Herbal teas and herbal remedies

Updated by Fiona Dunlevy MINDI, Laura Harrington MINDI and Orna O’ Brien MINDI December 2015 Review date: December 2018

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