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Special Interest Groups

The INDI has a number of special interest groups. Special interest groups focus on specialised areas of nutrition with the aim of pooling knowledge and updating members on current research and evidence based practice. Membership of special interest groups is open to INDI members who work in the area and wish to expand their nutrition knowledge of the particular subject.  Current special interest groups include:

  • Cardiology (CIG)
  • Cystic Fibrosis (CFIG)
  • Diabetes (DIG)
  • Children & Adults with Disabilities (CADIG)
  • Gastroenterology (GIG)
  • Cancer Nutrition Network (previously HOIG)
  • Mental Health (MHIG)
  • Nutrition Support (NSIG)
  • Older Persons (OPDIG)
  • Paediatric (Paeds IG)
  • Renal (RIG)
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition Group (SENG)
  • Weight Management (WMIG)
  • Plant-based Diets and Food Sustainability (PBDFSIG)

Examples of the functions and roles of some of these groups include:

Sports  & Exercise Nutrition Interest Group (SENIG)

The SENIG is dedicated to dietitians interested in sports nutrition. Some of our members are working as sports dietitians whereas others are working in it on a lesser capacity while some of our members are hoping to expand their ability to work in this area. SENIG has close links with various sporting organisations who, when positions arise, invite our members to apply for jobs.   SENIG also give presentations at various events such as the marathon expositions.  The area of sports nutrition is growing in Ireland, especially amongst amateur sports such as the GAA where people are often trying to incorporate healthy eating guidelines into busy lives of work and/or study with training and games in order to attain their optimum level of performance in all areas.

Diabetes Interest Group (DIG)
The DIG has 82 members working in a variety of settings including acute and primary care, gestational and paediatric Diabetes. The aims & bbjectives of the Diabetes Interest Group are:
- To provide continuing education and support to dietitians working in part or exclusively in the area of Diabetes
- To represent the INDI as an expert group in providing up-to-date, evidence based information to health professionals and the public on all aspects of diet and diabetes.
- To hold at least three meetings per year and for each meeting to include an educational component. The DIG aims to organise a study day/course every two years.
- To maintain dietetic representation and support to the Irish Endocrine Society and National Clinical Care Programme in Diabetes,Obstetrics & Gynaecology
- To develop and update dietary resources.
- To maintain close links with Diabetes Ireland.
- To write articles for relevant publications

The DIG holds at least 3 full day meetings per year. Generally the morning is dedicated to the DIG business meeting and the afternoon sessions is dedicated to education. DIG invites national and international experts to speak at these sessions based on feedback from members. DIG members have a key role in Diabetes planning and national policy development in dietetic planning for Diabetes and DIG members represent dietitians and Health & Social Care Professions (HSCPs) on National MDT groups reporting to National Clinical Care Programmes in the areas of diabetes and diabetes in pregnancy. The DIG responded to request to INDI from the National Clinical Care Programme in Diabetes to review and comment on the Model for integrated Care for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and the revised ICGP guidelines A Practical Guide to Integrated Type 2 Diabetes Care. Members are involved in the 3 HSE structured education programmes XPERT, DESMOND and CODE and other education programmes for education of patients with Type 1 diabetes. DIG members are invited to write and submit articles for Diabetes Ireland and Diabetes Professional. The DIG collaborated with WMIG to develop and deliver a training course for dietitians in Type 2 Diabetes with the support of HSE funding and plans to run a training course in carbohydrate counting for 2014. A member of the DIG has developed an elearning module for dietitians and healthcare professionals working in diabetes "Teaching Carbohydrate Counting" which is available on DIG members have developed/are developing a number of diet sheets and resources which are available through the INDI office:
1. Diabetes and Pregnancy
2. Healthy Eating for people with Type 2 Diabetes (also available for download from INDI and Diabetes Ireland)
3. Diabetes and Gluten Free Diet – in progress
4. Dietary advice for pre-diabetes/impaired glucose tolerance
5. Managing Diabetes in different cultures

Renal Interest Group (RIG)
The RIG aims to represent the INDI on matters relating to renal nutrition and promote dietitians as a key member of the multi-disciplinary team in the treatment of renal disorders. They develop and provide written information (e.g. diet sheets) and guidance documents (e.g. consensus opinion statements) for INDI members  pertaining to this specialised area. They provide a support network for dietitians working in the area of renal  nutrition and an open forum for discussion of matters pertaining to renal nutrition. 

Cancer Nutrition Network (CNN) (Previously Haematology Oncology Interest Group - HOIG)

The HOIG share and develop expertise in the area of oncology and haematology.  They promote and develop clear, concise, and up to date information on nutrition in haematology/oncology.  They act on behalf of the INDI as an authority on Nutrition in haematology/oncology.

Paediatric Dietitians Interest Group (PDIG)
The PDIG meet regularly as a group and share and develop expertise in paediatric nutrition and dietetics. They promote clear, concise and consistent information on paediatric nutrition.

The Weight Management Interest Group (WMIG)
The WMIG currently has 73 members. The group’s members work in a diverse range of sectors from primary, secondary and tertiary health care and health promotion, to industry, private practice and advisory groups. The terms of reference of the WMIG are to share and develop expertise in weight management, to be recognised as an authority on obesity and weight management in Ireland and to update current INDI literature in this area based on the current evidence available.

Cardiaiology Interest Group (CIG)
The CIG facilitates dietitians working specifically in the area of both primary and secondary cardiovascular disease prevention in providing the opportunity to network and share information with other dietitians working in this specialised area. We work to develop evidenced based resources to support dietetic practice e.g. chronic heart failure diet sheet resource pack, factsheet information for members of the public relating to all aspects of diet and cardiovascular health e.g. salt and blood pressure, cholesterol, alcohol, Omega 3 and heart health. We critically appraise new research and disseminate information to all members. The information provided is evidence based and peer reviewed. Members of the group also represent and provide expertise to various external agencies e.g. chronic heart failure clinical care programme, Irish Heart Foundation’s Council on Nutrition.
We respond to any cardiac diet related questions from members of the public, other colleagues and the wider network of health care professionals. The group is a point of contact for a wide range of dietitians across the country to become involved in projects, talks and programmes in the area of diet and cardiovascular health. We aim to continuously develop the knowledge of those working in the area so that they are at the forefront of any significant changes in how cardiovascular disease is prevented and managed with dietary intervention. We also support members to engage in, and share, research and audits undertaken in specialist areas. The Cardiac Interest Group aims to represent the INDI and promote the role of the dietitian in cardiovascular health in the public domain and we support the INDI strategy in working towards a strong professional body for its members.

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